Charter of use

The aim of this online citizen platform is to give as many people and organisations as possible the opportunity to inform themselves or give their opinion. To interact on the platform (give your opinion, comment, vote) you must create an account. If you want to know how we handle the data collected on this platform, please read our privacy statement. On this page, you will find the rules to follow when contributing to the platform.

All contributions to this platform are subject to a number of rules in order to keep the debate open and constructive. Contributions that do not respect the rules will not be published, unless they can be corrected by their author. 


  • Contributions that can be labelled as racist, hateful, insulting or abusive will be deleted by the moderator. 
  • Contributions that are directed towards people (e.g. personal replies or comments) will be deleted by the moderator. 
  • Contributions that are copyrighted may have their content removed by the moderator.
  • Contributions not written in English, French or Dutch may be rejected.
  • Contributions which may be considered as (hidden) advertisements, which contain links to other websites (unrelated to the questions) or which may be considered as spam, may be deleted by the moderator. 
  • Ideas that are duplicated on the platform will be deleted.
  • Contributions including content that is not on the topic of the e-consultation may be rejected by the moderator.
  • Contributions provided by the participants should not include names, surnames, or email addresses.  

How do we apply these rules?

  • New contribution: each new contribution does not appear automatically or immediately on the online platform. It is first reviewed by a moderator. In case of busy periods (e.g. if the site receives media attention with a large number of participants) it may take longer before your contribution is published online.
  • Comment: comments will appear immediately on the platform to encourage real-time debate between participants. However, comments may be flagged as "inappropriate" by other participants and a moderator may remove them after they have been posted.
  • You receive an email: when your contribution has been processed by a moderator (accepted or rejected) you receive an email from that moderator. If your contribution or comment is rejected, you can then submit a new one, this time respecting the rules of the site.
  • Your access to the platform can be blocked: moderators can prevent users who repeatedly ignore the rules from contributing to the platform by blocking their access.