Toolkit for teachers

Every interaction we have with the healthcare system leaves a block of data behind. What does the second life of this data look like? What can or cannot be done with this data? The European Union is building a new international health data space. To make sure citizens' values and principles are respected, we are looking for citizens to share their ideas on this platform. The results of this consultation will directly influence the organisation of the European Health Data Space.

As a teacher, what you will find here are resources to cover this topic in your lessons and possibly give students the opportunity to share their views. If you wish, we can come and talk to you and your students in person about the re-use of health data in our society. This can be done online or live, depending on what the corona measures allow.

If you know other teachers who might be interested in this material, please feel free to distribute it. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.