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From citizens' perspectives to policy recommendations

Next steps of the Healthy Data consultation

Last month, we finally published our report with our analysis of the 6.000 contributions we gathered through the Healthy Data consultation. Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to all the partners who helped us disseminate the platform, and to the citizens who participated in the consultation. It is now time to move on to the next steps of our project in order to translate citizens' preferences into concrete policy recommendations for the European Commission!

Although the consultation is now closed for participation, the Healthy Data project will have a busy agenda this autumn. 

  • In September, each participating country of the project -namely Belgium, France and the UK- will organize an online national workshop with stakeholders of their respective health data ecosystem in order to gather their perspectives on the results of the consultation in light of their national contexts, to build a starting point for our policy recommendations.
  • In October, we will receive European and national stakeholders in Brussels, at the Hungarian Permanent Representation, for a hybrid European workshop, where we will also present our results, as well as our findings from the national workshops, to further build our recommendations in a European context and in light of the European Health Data Space proposal. 

We will then have several weeks to consolidate our preliminary work, citizens' contributions and stakeholders' perspectives to build these recommendations to publish them in February 2023


Are you interested to know more about the workshops? Are you a stakeholder willing to participate? You can find the contact person below: 

  • Belgian and European workshops: Louise Mathieu ( 
  • Workshop in France: Elisa Regnier (
  • Workshop in the UK: James Maddocks (


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