Healthy Data - Discussion Evening in Ghent (BE)

On Wednesday 25 May 2022, we organize a Healthy Data discussion evening in Ghent (Belgium)!
This will give you the opportunity to discuss your ideas live and to learn from other citizens’ opinions. The evening will take place in a casual atmosphere and your ideas and concerns will be at the centre of the evening.

To give you a clear idea of how health data reuse actually works in practice, what its consequences might be and which possibilities it might hold for the future, three experts in health data reuse will briefly present a case. They will talk about cancer care and research, the reuse of COVID-19 numbers and the idea of a personal health data pod making you the manager of your own data.

Next it’s up to you!
In small discussion groups, we invite you to share your ideas on these cases and to talk about valuable purposes for health data reuse, conditions and safeguards that should be in place and the way you want to be involved in processes of health data reuse. We are there to facilitate the discussion and the experts will remain on hand should you have any questions. We provide interactive discussion techniques to support you and further elaborate your ideas and we make sure everyone’s voice will be heard.

To wrap up the discussion evening, every group briefly presents its ideas to the others. Together we will formulate conclusions that will be shared with the European Commission to guide future policy decisions on national and international health data reuse.

Afterwards, you’re kindly invited to have a drink with us!

More information and registration:

- The discussion will be in Dutch, yet the evening is open to everyone
- You don’t need any prior knowledge

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!